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Are you a new UCM Administrator?  Or, do you feel you just need a refresh on UCM training?  If so, the UCM Admin Refresher Course is the perfect solution…

9am – 12pm

What’s New with Workflows?  A Hands-on Session Utilizing Newest Features and Collaboration 

  • Explanation and Overview of Workflows in UCM
  • Hands-On: Build a Workflow Creating Stages
    • Stage Configuration
    • Setting Assignees
    • Workflow Notes
    • Include in Enterprise Ribbon
    • Assigning Field Groups to a Stage
    • Set Approvals
    • Skip Stage
    • Collaboration Module to aid in Approvals with both internal and external parties
  • Hands-On: Creating & assigning a workflow to a Contract Type
  • Hands-On: Identifying Bottlenecks with Stage Reports

1pm – 4pm

System Administrators Change Management  

  • Changing Contract Ownership
  • What to do when Users Leave
    • Activating/Deactivating Users
    • Copying Permissions
    • Reassigning Contracts
    • Checking Workflow Assignees, Notifications
  •  Change within Fields and Field Groups – Streamlining or Expanding
    • Adding & Deleting Fields in your system
    • The caveats of Adding & Deleting Field Groups within your system
  •   Milestones
    • Adding a Milestone Rules
    • Enabling Milestone Notes
    • Updating Milestones
  •  Consolidating Contract Types
  • Changing Workflows
  • Moving, Consolidating or Expanding Folders in the Security Model and applying to sets of Contracts
  • Contract Actions for “Create Corresponding X Records”
  • Bulk Archive


What's Included?
  • Instructor-led course
  • A network of other UCM Administrators
  • Lunch and refreshments



If you are interested in participating in the UCM Admin Refresher Course, please select the 3-Day Conference Pass when you register.

This course is only available for User Conference attendees.  

Carl Leinbach, Senior Product Specialist, iContracts

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