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Duplicate Discount Scrubbing Service

Nov 2, 20222:00pm EDT30 minutes

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iContracts is excited to introduce our latest service, the Duplicate Discount Scrubbing Service. In this webinar, Sarah E. McClure the Senior Director of Revenue Management & Compliance Services will provide you with facts related to duplicate discounts including how duplicate discounts occur, who is responsible for monitoring for duplicate discounts, and the impact to pharmaceutical manufacturers. You will be provided with a process overview of the iContracts duplicate discount scrubbing service and recommended best practices. Did you know…..“The annual financial impact of duplicate discounts is now anywhere from $933 million to $1.6 billion—or higher.” - by Jeremy Docken | June 9, 2021

• Duplicate Discounts - the facts
– How do duplicate discounts occur?
– Duplicate discount regulations, who is responsible?
– Impact to pharmaceutical manufacturers
• iContracts duplicate discount scrubbing service process overview
• Recommended best practices



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