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Universal Claims Manager efficiently organizes your claims and legal matters in one place

Universal Claims Manager helps organizations efficiently organize claims and legal matters in one place for easy access.  The solution gives claims professionals the ability to automate processes within the legal department, providing ultimate visibility and reducing legal risk.

Central Repository

Centrally organize claims and legal matters including all documents, contacts, activities, notes, emails, and attachments associated to a specific matter


Share information with team members through customizable workflows with the ability to set milestones that can be assigned to team members and tracked for productivity


Automated notifications of critical deadlines specific to each claim


Create custom reports relevant to your organization

User Permissions

Flexible, seven-layer security model to allow or limit visibility to desired users based on any number of user defined criteria

Document Library

Store document templates including letters, acknowledgements, and other critical claim information for use

Search & Store

Find claims in seconds.  Store unlimited legal documents in a central repository, organize based on defined rules, search based on metadata or textual content


Secure anytime/anywhere access to your claims

  • Provides quick access to your legal claims from anywhere
  • Improves organizational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces risk with the ability to view reports and provide audit tracking instantly
  • Eliminate document handling and storage
  • Central database of all legal matters and claims
  • Global Search – Find claims in seconds based on textual content and/or metadata
  • Unlimited storage of all claims and supporting legal documents
  • Secure, Web-Based access via browser
  • Robust security model to permit or limit visibility
  • Edit in the cloud or from your desktop using MS Word
  • Automated workflow with email notifications for creating new and updating existing claims
  • Integrated Dashboard customizable to individual users
  • All data fields reportable for an unlimited number of saved and ad-hoc reports
  • Mass loading of existing claims
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