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Five Ways to be Compliance Bullet Proof

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, facilities are looking to update and improve their policies and procedures regularly. With various regional, state, and national governing bodies to keep in mind, staying compliant with policies and procedures can seem like a daunting task. However, keeping policies current and accessible in your medical facility will give your staff confidence to deliver better patient care.

By using our cloud based system to manage your policies and procedures, you can rest assured knowing that it’s easy to keep documents up to date, compliant, and ready at all times with PolicyStat. As most people interested in compliance, you have plenty of other things to monitor. Lessen your load and stay stress free with PolicyStat knowing that your policies are accurate and correct. Below are just a few ways PolicyStat helps you stay confident and compliant with whatever comes your way.

1. Always be Audit Ready

Being audit ready at any point in time is extremely crucial to all healthcare organizations. With auditors showing up by surprise or staying for days at a time, you will want to make sure that whenever an audit arises your policies are ready to go. With PolicyStat, it’s very easy to use the online system for retrieving up to date and pertinent documentation to ease the flow of the audit process. Our easily searchable platform makes the process of finding policies very smooth, making everyone’s job during an audit less stressful.

2. Have a Plan

All healthcare organizations have experienced the policy chaos and the stressful environment that it can create. If your organization deals with policies scattered throughout the organization, inconsistent policy approvals, or difficulty in finding the right policy, it’s time to set a detailed plan for organizing and addressing the uncertainty health systems face today. PolicyStat allows you to build a complete lifecycle solution that increases the productivity and most importantly, improves patient care within your organization.

3. Staff Knowledge is Key

Knowing that your employees fully understand new and updated policies is another very crucial part to operating your facility at its optimal efficiency. PolicyStat’s powerful automation software keeps track of expiring policy dates ensuring that you or your staff members will never be blindsided by an expiring policy that needs to be updated and reread by your staff. It’s also important to have acknowledgement from your staff to make sure they have read and understand each new policy update. With our email reminders and acknowledgement feature, you’ll be confident and assured knowing your staff understands every policy in the system.

4. Stay Simple

Keeping policies well organized in your system and simple to locate will give your employees quick access when they are needed. PolicyStat’s simple search feature allows policies and procedures to be quickly and efficiently found at a moment’s notice.

5. Update Regularly

Healthcare is a fast paced and ever changing industry which means policies and procedures change regularly. Update your policies and procedures regularly to ensure there are no inconsistencies or vague information within the documents. PolicyStat’s user-friendly editor with author collaboration allows you to update policies inside the editor without having to download or email documents back and forth for editing and approving.

For more information on how PolicyStat can help keep your healthcare organization up to date on its policy and procedure management, request a free demo, or fill out our contact form.

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