{+} Visibility

  • Integrated Dashboard customizable to individual users
  • Secure, Web-Based access via Web Browser
  • Role-based visibility across permissible Contracts, Fields and Attachments
  • Workflow, user-defined Views to reduce/remove bottlenecks
  • Real-time user-defined queries to identify contracts based on desired criteria
  • Secure access for Business Partners
  • Multiple methods to monitor the contracting process
    • Real-time Views/Reports
    • Email and text Alerts
    • Workflow stages
  • Staff member(s) can only see their Universe of Contracts

{+} Security

  • SOC 1(SaaS 70 Type II Certified Data Center)
  • Secure, HTTPS encryption
  • Secure User logins
  • Lock-down of individual contracts
  • 7 levels of security

{+} Central Repository

  • Central database of all Contracts and all attachments related to any contract
  • Unlimited Contracts and associated attachments
  • Relationship between Contracts
  • Global Search

{+} Contract Negotiation

  • Use Microsoft Word to redline contracts
  • Allow approved staff and vendors to upload documents to repository
  • Automatic Versioning of documents
  • Attachment Categories (Addendums, COI, Stark, etc.)
  • Track and save all correspondence associated with the contract
  • Associate Activities and notifications including recurring activities
  • Specific Activities may be required to advance Workflow/Stage of contract

{+} Workflow

  • Automated workflow with email notifications
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Ability to customize Workflow based on specific criteria (ex. type, amount, department)
  • Customize stages
  • See/report on days in current Stage
  • Notification for completed Stages
  • Audit trail tracks history of Stages
  • Tasks and Notifications to your Workflow with automatic reminders
  • Staff can work simultaneously or in linear order

{+} Reports/Views

  • Favorite reports linked to dashboard
  • Ad-hoc reporting can be saved
  • All Contract Fields are reportable
  • Ability to sort and filter results
  • Share Views with other users
  • All Views are restricted by user security
  • Export to Excel

{+} Contract Templates (Boilerplate documents)

  • Unlimited templates
  • Categorize templates
  • Set custom fields for staff to enter for Contracts and any other type of document (Name, date, city, amount, etc.)

{+} Fields

  • Configurable predefined field groups per contract type
  • Unlimited number of custom fields and field groups
  • Required, warn or allow settings on fields
  • Field access can be restricted by security
  • Categorize fields (ex. Lease-related, Materials, Software, Hardware, Supporting)
  • Field Types
    • Single and Multi-line Text
    • Numeric (with low/high edit checking)
    • Calculated
    • Drop Down
    • Checkbox
    • Table

{+} Alerts and Notifications

  • Automated alert notifications based on any date field
  • Alerts can be sent via email, text, RSS, and calendar
  • Customize alerts to contract terms
  • Notify multiple staff members and various times
  • Alerts to internal and external contacts

{+} Contract Container

  • Attachments
    • All Documents
    • Attach Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, notes, and more
    • OCR documents for full and partial word searching
  • Activities
    • Assign Activities to individual and multiple staff members
    • System reminds to users of overdue Activities (email and pop-up system notification)
    • Recurring Activities
    • Allow users to be notified on completion
  • Milestones
    • Automated Milestones, based on Rules
    • Set unlimited amount and types of Milestones
    • Select single or multiple Responsible Parties
    • Allow parties to be notified in various ways (Views, email, test, RSS Feed, calendar)
    • Automatic notification on completion
  • Notes
    • Add unlimited amount of notes
    • Notes can include attachments
  • Email
    • Send emails to internal and external contracts including attachments
    • All emails are tracked in history
    • Automatic CC feature to your email
  • History/Audit Trail
    • History log cannot be edited
    • All changes in UCM are tracked including:
      • Who changed
      • What was changed
      • Data and time changed

{+} System Integration

  • Single sign-on
  • Active Directory Sync
  • CAS integration
  • UCM accepts comma delimited files from external systems (such as EMR, ERP, CRM)
  • Custom APIs can be created by iContracts