Pharmaceutical Government Pricing Compliance Training

This session is designed for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of Pharmaceutical Manufacturer compliance, as it relates to Government Pricing regulations.  Led by Sarah E. McClure, Director of iContracts Outsourcing Operations, learn how to enhance Government compliance utilizing an automated solution like iContracts. Sarah has over ten years of experience managing government pricing, government program compliance, and commercial contracting.

If you plan to attend Breakthrough 2018 (main conference), you will walk into Day One of the conference with an expanded knowledge base of how to use iContracts’ solutions, the various Government Pricing calculations, and their respective reporting requirements.

Topics Covered
  • Government Pricing Overview
  • Key Government Pricing Terms
  • The Prices of a Drug
  • Key Federal Programs – Medicaid, Medicare Parts B and D, VA/FSS, Tricare
  • Government Pricing Compliance and Automation
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Q & A
What's Included?
  • Instructor-led course
  • A network of other iContracts Users
  • Lunch and refreshments 

Government Pricing Course Registration Fee = $475.00

If you want to take both Revenue Management Courses, Commercial Solutions + GP Solutions, the bundled Registration Fee = $850