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I recently Stumbld across an interesting website called, or the place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.00 I spent about a half hour just going through all of the gigs that people were willing to do with amazement at the variety.


Some of them were funny – I will write an underwater message of your choice for $5 (the guy is dressed in scuba gear and swim trunks and holds an eraser and board); some were questionable – I will write a positive review for your website for $5; and some were frankly a little scary – I will read you a bedtime story for $5 (see above picture and you’ll know what I mean).

Gigs in the workplace?
As I was looking around I noticed that actually had some pretty useful gigs, too. I was only on the website for fun, but I still wondered how fitting could be for work-related tasks. Specifically, I needed help implementing jQuery into one of the web pages I was working on to make thumbnails pop up nicely into YouTube videos. Having only worked with jQuery for a couple of weeks, I was able to follow the directions to implement it but wasn’t too skilled at troubleshooting. I was very frustrated that I had followed the directions perfectly and it still didn’t work.

Gig #1
With credit card in hand and a twinge of excitement, I gigged. I probably refreshed my email 20 times to see if my Gig Guy messaged me. Within the hour, I received a message with the solution, and it worked perfectly! It was the best five dollars I have ever spent in my life.

Gig #2
I quickly realized that not all of the gigs were created equal. I had another jQuery problem with a looming deadline. My “regular” guy wasn’t responding very quickly – probably working on one of his other gigs such as I will teach you how to take care of your iguana for $5 – so I hired a different gig. This guy seemed a little less skilled, so he wasn’t able to just look at the page and tell me what was wrong; he needed login details, which I didn’t feel comfortable providing since I had never met the guy. Even worse, he decided to mark the gig “complete” after messaging me with his first solution. It didn’t work. Not the best five dollars I have ever spent in my life. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

Gig Cost Grade Summary
Marcel was hired to debug jQuery Lightbox $5 A+ Well, his profile picture was of Borat, which made me skeptical. However, he was very nice and fixed the problem within a day.
ttecss was hired to fix jQuery Lightbox buttons $5 D- He didn’t fix it. He said he needed a login to our ftp site, which I was not allowed to give him.

So, what is my conclusion? can be very helpful for work-related tasks, as long as you keep in mind the following:

  • You won’t always get a quick response, so requesting gigs on a deadline might not be the best idea. It might be better to hire someone, especially if you need help frequently.
  • The gigs are normally very specific, so make sure to read the fine print – some of them require you to buy more than one gig.
  • Not all people providing gigs are in your best interest, so make sure the person has several “thumbs-ups” and lots of believable feedback from past gigs.

With that said, be careful, and happy gigging!

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